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Hi I’m Melissa Villasenor and you’re watching Newsfeed....

2 years ago 1,840
[Scary Christina Aguilera Lipsync] Video Play Video

Scary Christina Aguilera Lipsync

Note to self: Never, EVER, let the genie out of the bottle. Just out of curiosity, which would you rather... exorcise!

3 years ago 66,087
[Shower Panties Prank] Video Play Video

Shower Panties Prank

While their roommate was taking a shower, this guy's friends went in and took his towel leaving him only a pair of girls underwear. He had to get a little bit creative with ideas for a towel. Overall, a pretty ...

7 years ago 1,179,548
[The Many Voices Of Christina Bianco] Video Play Video

The Many Voices Of Christina Bianco

We posted Christina's video a few weeks ago when she first released it. Here she is on Ellen performing her amazing act.

11 months ago 1,708
[Dreamy New Clip from Christina Ricci's After.Life] Video Play Video

Dreamy New Clip from Christina Ricci's After.Life

With its August 3rd DVD release date just around the corner, check out this creepy new clip from After.Life, which features the adorable Christina Ricci (who I've crushed on since the Addams Family!) in a dream sequence.

4 years ago 1,976
[Granny panties all week?] Video Play Video

Granny panties all week?

Stop the padness—no more crazy worries about leaks. Get a pad that fits.

2 years ago 34,136
[Man Robs Store Wearing Panties On His Head] Video Play Video

Man Robs Store Wearing Panties On His Head

Why did he do rob a store wearing panties on his head? Because there's nothing worse than wearing a dress that short and being caught on camera not wearing panties.

3 years ago 64,556
[Umpire Gets Panties In A Twist, Ejects Music Man] Video Play Video

Umpire Gets Panties In A Twist, Ejects Music Man

The music man at this baseball game decided to play "Three Blind Mice" as a reference to the officiating of the game and this umpire douches out and ejects him. And yes, umpires do have that stupid power. ...

2 years ago 49,537
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