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[Egg Drop Record Breakers] Video Play Video

Egg Drop Record Breakers

How many raw eggs can you catch in your mouth after theyve been dropped from a ladder? Have you seen how hot the referee is in these clips? Holy Taco!

7 years ago 547,276
[Breaking Records on Record Breakers] Video Play Video

Breaking Records on Record Breakers

Ted and Brigette break 15 LPs over Davids head. Can they do it faster than the current record of 42 seconds?

7 years ago 179,474
[Flash Cards] Video Play Video

Flash Cards

Two fully-clothed contestants race to enact positions with the help of our 'Record Breaker Leather Man'. Contestant who pulls off the most positions in sixty seconds wins.

6 years ago 5,830
[Incredible Buzzer Breaker] Video Play Video

Incredible Buzzer Breaker

Watch in awe and amazement as this player takes a shot from 3/4 of the court away and MAKES IT!

4 years ago 105,176
[Ice Breaker: Machine Vs Nature] Video Play Video

Ice Breaker: Machine Vs Nature

A better way to avoid ice is just to take your boat to a tropical island and drink margaritas.

1 year ago 48,532
[Skipping Stones World Record] Video Play Video

Skipping Stones World Record

Man beats previous world record of 40 skips with this 50 skip throw. He must get all of the ladies.

7 years ago 1,225,395
[Robbie Maddison's Amazing Record Jump] Video Play Video

Robbie Maddison's Amazing Record Jump

Robbie Maddison achieves the impossible, jumping his motorcycle over 120 feet to the top of the Arc de Triomphe at the Paris Las Vegas and then jumped back down.

6 years ago 1,441,816
[Could We Record Our Dreams?] Video Play Video

Could We Record Our Dreams?

Looks like science is starting to get pretty close. Do we really want this technology though?

1 year ago 482
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