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[Egg Drop Record Breakers] Video Play Video

Egg Drop Record Breakers

How many raw eggs can you catch in your mouth after theyve been dropped from a ladder? Have you seen how hot the referee is in these clips? Holy Taco!

6 years ago 544,851
[Breaking Records on Record Breakers] Video Play Video

Breaking Records on Record Breakers

Ted and Brigette break 15 LPs over Davids head. Can they do it faster than the current record of 42 seconds?

6 years ago 178,627
[Flash Cards] Video Play Video

Flash Cards

Two fully-clothed contestants race to enact positions with the help of our 'Record Breaker Leather Man'. Contestant who pulls off the most positions in sixty seconds wins.

5 years ago 5,450
[New Rally Car Flip Record] Video Play Video

New Rally Car Flip Record

Just when you thought these guys couldnt suck at driving anymore some dude breaks the wipeout record with this crash. I counted 3.5 rotations in the air and another 1.5 on the ground. Nice work.

6 years ago 693,724
[Skipping Stones World Record] Video Play Video

Skipping Stones World Record

Man beats previous world record of 40 skips with this 50 skip throw. He must get all of the ladies.

7 years ago 1,218,263
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