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[Egg Drop Record Breakers] Video Play Video

Egg Drop Record Breakers

How many raw eggs can you catch in your mouth after theyve been dropped from a ladder? Have you seen how hot the referee is in these clips? Holy Taco!

9 years ago 547,869
[Peeing On An Electric Fence] Video Play Video

Peeing On An Electric Fence

Security camera footage at Mont-Joli airport in Quebec Canada captures footage of some poor guy peeing on an electric fence and getting the shock of a lifetime. The way he falls is pretty funny, hope he wasnt hurt too bad. ...

9 years ago 1,315,909
[Moron Pees on Electric Fence] Video Play Video

Moron Pees on Electric Fence

After he tests the fence with his finger, the German scientist decides to test his urine's ability to conduct electricity. The experiment is a success!

8 years ago 1,088,456
[Fun With Electricity] Video Play Video

Fun With Electricity

No one can resist the allure of touching a horribly painful security fence

3 years ago 36,044
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[ass breaker!] Video Play Video

ass breaker!

My drunken mate giz jumping off a big wa...