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[Halle Berry Bikini] Video Play Video

Halle Berry Bikini

Actress Halle Berry is making news for some hot pictures of her wearing a bikini on her 45th birthday… OMG who would have thought someone who looked really hot when she was 44 would still look really hot at 45? It’s not news that Halle Berry is sti...

5 years ago 5,863
[Ken Sander Public Access Prank Calls] Video Play Video

Ken Sander Public Access Prank Calls

Back in 1990 a guy named Ken Sander hosted a public access call in show in New York City. One fateful night he was the victim of an onslaught of prank calls, here is a compilation of the best moments.

9 years ago 48,508
['Cloud Atlas' Trailer Stars Hanks, Berry, & Also Hanks] Video Play Video

'Cloud Atlas' Trailer Stars Hanks, Berry, & Also Hanks

'Multiplicity' technology has come a long way. The first trailer for the Tom Tykwer/Wachowski's collabo, Cloud Atlas, just dropped and the streets ain't ready. Check it. We're talking T.Hanx, Halle, Hugo Muthaf*(&in' Weaving, Big Hugh Grant,...

4 years ago
[Bern Your Enthusiasm] Video Play Video

Bern Your Enthusiasm

Despite his friends' best efforts, Sen. Bernie Sanders keeps finding ways to upset voters in Iowa.

11 months ago 14,327
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[Halle Berry] Video Play Video

Halle Berry

She's a sexy dark skinned babe with perf...