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[Halle Berry Bikini] Video Play Video

Halle Berry Bikini

Actress Halle Berry is making news for some hot pictures of her wearing a bikini on her 45th birthday… OMG who would have thought someone who looked really hot when she was 44 would still look really hot at 45? It’s not news that Halle Berry is sti...

3 years ago 4,219
[Drag Race In Turkey Goes Bad] Video Play Video

Drag Race In Turkey Goes Bad

This is a clip from a drag race in Turkey. One of the cars loses control and smashes into a crowd of people sending one guy over 85ft in the air.

7 years ago 1,184,191
[Ladder Race] Video Play Video

Ladder Race

This is a pretty cool race using ladders to climb up the side of a wall. I cant get over how fast these guys move. As dumb as this might sound its worth checking out.

8 years ago 538,359
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Halle Berry

Still @ home doin nufin so y not Dance?

[Halle Berry] Video Play Video

Halle Berry

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Halle Berry

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