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[Smokin Hot Chick At Beach] Video Play Video

Smokin Hot Chick At Beach

I am not sure what country this is from but its actually an ad for sprite. Watch closely while she removes her bathing suit and hands it to the guy.

10 years ago 2,407,258
[Santa Cruz Dancing Girl] Video Play Video

Santa Cruz Dancing Girl

Some girl at UC Santa Cruz goes out to the quad in her bathing suit and has some sort of dance off with herself. ...

9 years ago 1,184,673
[Saturday Night Fever Meets Robotics] Video Play Video

Saturday Night Fever Meets Robotics

Boston Dynamics "Petman" robot is not only "Stayin' Alive" to the classic Bee Gees song, he's walking and doing pushups. If this is what the future looks like, then we're totally fine with it. As long as it doesn't ask us to touch it where the bathin...

4 years ago 28,105
[How to Lose Weight] Video Play Video

How to Lose Weight

As summer nears losing weight is all the rage again. I know trying to fit into my speedo every summer is a concern. But apparently losing weight makes you look old. So says international sex symbol Nigella Lawson. Most Americans don’t know her, b...

6 years ago 6,180
[Velcro Suit] Video Play Video

Velcro Suit

Don't mess with Bruno, especially when he's sporting his Velcro suit.

7 years ago 6,146
[31 Wheel Roller Suit] Video Play Video

31 Wheel Roller Suit

A French guy named Jean-Yves Blondeau has created a plastic suit equipped with 31 wheels which allows him to roll down streets at speeds up to 60 miles per hour while switching positions at any time. This is pretty awesome, it's like break dancing, p...

10 years ago 1,166,068
[Fiance In The Bomb Suit] Video Play Video

Fiance In The Bomb Suit

A guy's fiance is wearing a bomb suit and lays on the ground. She is struggling hilariously as she tries to get off the ground. He turns on the fan to help cool her down as she still struggles to get up. She finally gives up completely and just lays ...

24 days ago 838
[Dude In Sumo Suit Vs Car] Video Play Video

Dude In Sumo Suit Vs Car

A guy dressed up in a large sumo suit does a flying bodyslam on a moving mid-size car. Im going to have to call it a draw. The dude busted his shoulder up pretty bad but the impact did break the windshield.

9 years ago 550,252
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