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[Kid Almost Falls Out of Amusement Park Ride] Video Play Video

Kid Almost Falls Out of Amusement Park Ride

Watch this kid nearly fall 100s of feet our of his seat at an amusement park. His Mom hardly seemed to notice as the boy screamed for his life.

7 years ago 2,410,754
[Car Falls Eighteen Stories Into Chicago River] Video Play Video

Car Falls Eighteen Stories Into Chicago River

A car drives out of the 18th floor of a parking garage and lands in the Chicago River. Listen to the sound it makes and its smacks into the water below.

7 years ago 1,131,773
[Girl Goes Out Of Her Mind In Water Park] Video Play Video

Girl Goes Out Of Her Mind In Water Park

Say what you will about this girl going crazy in the pool, I think this is an awesome swimming demonstration. She gives us perfect examples of the butterfly stroke, back stroke, and severe heat stroke.

3 years ago 450,773
[Man Falls Through Office Ceiling] Video Play Video

Man Falls Through Office Ceiling

These chicks are busy working when suddenly from the second floor some dude falls through the ceiling and crashes onto their desks.

4 years ago 218,611
[Unlucky Reporter Falls in Filthy Water] Video Play Video

Unlucky Reporter Falls in Filthy Water

Tropical storm Jimena raged through Baja California this weekend, and this guy accidentally does an in-depth report on the nasty runoff puddles the storm created.

4 years ago 245,854
[Pet Bunny Falls Asleep Taking Bath] Video Play Video

Pet Bunny Falls Asleep Taking Bath

Most of the time a dog or cat can't wait to be done with their baths, but this pet rabbit literally enjoys it so much he falls asleep.

1 year ago 4,081
[Cats And Baths Do Not Mix] Video Play Video

Cats And Baths Do Not Mix

Good effort at the end there, but water is too damn powerful

10 months ago 43,812
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