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[Ball Girl Makes Incredible Catch] Video Play Video

Ball Girl Makes Incredible Catch

A minor league ball girl makes an incredible catch on a foul ball in left field.

6 years ago 2,423,113
[Ball Girl Climbs The Wall] Video Play Video

Ball Girl Climbs The Wall

This ball girl makes an amazing catch by climbing the wall at a minor league game. This is totally real. Right?

3 years ago 226,773
[Incredible Golf Ball Ricochet Accident] Video Play Video

Incredible Golf Ball Ricochet Accident

This has to be the most incredible golf ball ricochet accident ever. I know a lot of people are gonna scream fake but if it is real, and I think it is, wow...

7 years ago 838,285
[Student Catches Exercise Ball With Face] Video Play Video

Student Catches Exercise Ball With Face

By the time this kid makes it to class he won't even feel the affects of getting slammed by the exercise ball but his roommate will have that stupid laugh for the rest of his life.

5 years ago 125,452
[Google Maps Catches Girlfriends Cheating] Video Play Video

Google Maps Catches Girlfriends Cheating

Google maps is clearly a very useful product. It helps me get where I'm going, give directions and so much more. But can it also help me catch my girlfriend cheating?

6 years ago 983,618
[Dog Backflips As He Catches Ball] Video Play Video

Dog Backflips As He Catches Ball

This dog is awesome. Everytime someone tosses the little guy a ball he jumps and completes a backflip after catching it in mid-air.

7 years ago 572,834
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