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[Ball Girl Climbs The Wall] Video Play Video

Ball Girl Climbs The Wall

This ball girl makes an amazing catch by climbing the wall at a minor league game. This is totally real. Right?

3 years ago 226,064
[Students Invent Wall-Climbing Vacuum] Video Play Video

Students Invent Wall-Climbing Vacuum

Utah State Engineering students have come up with an awesome system that lets people climb over walls. However, let's hope the people they're trying to get away from can't hear loud vacuums. ...

1 year ago 39,062
[Riding A Bike On Top Of A Climbing Wall] Video Play Video

Riding A Bike On Top Of A Climbing Wall

AKA don't watch if you're afraid of heights or watching people doing things that put them in situations where they could easily die.

1 year ago 96,891
[Cat and the ping pong ball] Video Play Video

Cat and the ping pong ball

Penny, the cat, cannot resist a ping pong ball stuck to the wall.

12 months ago 361
[Ball Girl Makes Incredible Catch] Video Play Video

Ball Girl Makes Incredible Catch

A minor league ball girl makes an incredible catch on a foul ball in left field.

5 years ago 2,399,482
[Little Girl vs Big Yellow Dodge Ball] Video Play Video

Little Girl vs Big Yellow Dodge Ball

Big yellow dodge ball vs a running little girl. Who wins? We do because I could watch videos like this all day every day. Boom Headshot!

6 years ago 1,843,333
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