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[Ball Girl Climbs The Wall] Video Play Video

Ball Girl Climbs The Wall

This ball girl makes an amazing catch by climbing the wall at a minor league game. This is totally real. Right?

5 years ago 229,707
[Kid Faceplants Into Wall] Video Play Video

Kid Faceplants Into Wall

Some kid tries to bounce off his bed onto one of those fitness balls and ends up sailing straight into the wall face first.

8 years ago 1,097,243
[Little Girl vs Big Yellow Dodge Ball] Video Play Video

Little Girl vs Big Yellow Dodge Ball

Big yellow dodge ball vs a running little girl. Who wins? We do because I could watch videos like this all day every day. Boom Headshot!

8 years ago 1,848,996
[Little Girl Vs Soccer Ball] Video Play Video

Little Girl Vs Soccer Ball

Little girl gets completely owned by a soccer ball kicked by her dad. Check out how much air she gets!

8 years ago 830,918
[Sister Slammed Into Wall] Video Play Video

Sister Slammed Into Wall

This girl is pushing around a big inflatable ball when out of nowhere her brother slams her into a wall pretty hard.

8 years ago 340,176
[Kid Faceplant Into Wall] Video Play Video

Kid Faceplant Into Wall

another one of my little brother doing his own brand of stunts. i punch him from the other side as hard as i can. enjoy the result.

8 years ago 2,563
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