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[Ball Girl Makes Incredible Catch] Video Play Video

Ball Girl Makes Incredible Catch

A minor league ball girl makes an incredible catch on a foul ball in left field.

7 years ago 2,471,746
[Six Year Old Girl Vs Exercise Ball] Video Play Video

Six Year Old Girl Vs Exercise Ball

A six year old girl catches an exercise ball, kicked by her older brother, with her face.

4 years ago 199,200
[Ball Girl Climbs The Wall] Video Play Video

Ball Girl Climbs The Wall

This ball girl makes an amazing catch by climbing the wall at a minor league game. This is totally real. Right?

4 years ago 229,235
[Dog Backflips As He Catches Ball] Video Play Video

Dog Backflips As He Catches Ball

This dog is awesome. Everytime someone tosses the little guy a ball he jumps and completes a backflip after catching it in mid-air.

8 years ago 575,768
[Two Girls Two Balls] Video Play Video

Two Girls Two Balls

Two chicks run full speed towards each other and collide while holding exercise balls.

4 years ago 291,913
[Little Girl vs Big Yellow Dodge Ball] Video Play Video

Little Girl vs Big Yellow Dodge Ball

Big yellow dodge ball vs a running little girl. Who wins? We do because I could watch videos like this all day every day. Boom Headshot!

7 years ago 1,848,773
[Exercise Ball To The Face] Video Play Video

Exercise Ball To The Face

This guy tries to catch an exercise ball with his face.

6 years ago 1,055,582
[Fat Kid Catches Ball With Face] Video Play Video

Fat Kid Catches Ball With Face

When you watch this in slow motion it's surprising how much this kids face compresses when the ball slams into it.

5 years ago 217,200
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