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[Awareness Test] Video Play Video

Awareness Test

This is one of the coolest videos I've seen in a while. Try and count the number of passes the team in white makes. ...

6 years ago 1,756,578
[Girl Gets Pancaked By Exercise Ball Bounce] Video Play Video

Girl Gets Pancaked By Exercise Ball Bounce

It's just as Isaac Newton deduced in his first law of motion: a body at rest remains at rest because she got KTFO from an exercise ball.

3 years ago 141,610
[Puppy and the ball] Video Play Video

Puppy and the ball

Roma, the puppy, bounces along the ball

1 year ago 675
[Dude Tries To Jump On Exercise Balls] Video Play Video

Dude Tries To Jump On Exercise Balls

This guy thinks he can jump from one exercise ball to the next until he loses his balance and bounces his head off the ground.

6 years ago 325,529
[Foul Ball Hot Potato] Video Play Video

Foul Ball Hot Potato

The next day dad took him to Maury to get paternity testing done.

1 year ago 43,396
[Dodgers Fan Beaned by Foul Ball] Video Play Video

Dodgers Fan Beaned by Foul Ball

After badly missing the catch, the ball lands behind this fan and bounces back towards him, smacking him in the eye. It's even funnier in slow motion.

6 years ago 135,014
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