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[Cops Test Out Their Taser Gun] Video Play Video

Cops Test Out Their Taser Gun

A bunch of cops place a twenty dollar bill 5 feet from another officer and challenge him that if he can reach it while be tazed than he can keep it. Although, he fails in the first attempt he was successful on his second attempt that was not filmed ...

10 years ago 178,373
[Dog Collar Around Neck] Video Play Video

Dog Collar Around Neck

This guy decides to try out a dog shock collar. The outcome was pure comedy.

9 years ago 709,607
[UF -- Flip Cup] Video Play Video

UF -- Flip Cup

UF Girls try out the flip cup challenge

5 years ago 462
[Fat Kid Cardio Work Out] Video Play Video

Fat Kid Cardio Work Out

If you're like me you drink and eat way too much all weekend then hit the gym Monday night. Tonight I have a new routine to try out thanks to this fat little kid.

8 years ago 874,057
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