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[Lightning Strike Caught on Tape] Video Play Video

Lightning Strike Caught on Tape

Im not sure what the odds of this are but they got to be pretty friggin slim. A guy starts to tape a storm and while focused on a tree in his backyard it gets struck by lightning.

7 years ago 995,235
[Biker Crash Caught On Head Cam] Video Play Video

Biker Crash Caught On Head Cam

A biker crash occurs as he goes through a three-way intersection and gets clipped by a car head on. A biker crash is something that seems like it can always be avoided, but this biker crash was probably the cars fault. We can't blame every biker cras...

4 years ago 258,775
[Ghost Caught on Surveillance Camera] Video Play Video

Ghost Caught on Surveillance Camera

This video is slightly more believable. Its an actual surveillance camera however, the image of the ghost is so brief Im thinking this could of be faked too.

8 years ago 1,263,079
[Why Batmanning Never Caught On] Video Play Video

Why Batmanning Never Caught On

Earlier this year some guys decided to put a spin on planking and created bat-manning. So far lots of people have tried it, but most of the time it ends like this which kinda takes the fun out of it.

3 years ago 105,395
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