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[Roomate RE-Revenge Its my churn] Video Play Video

Roomate RE-Revenge Its my churn

My roomate made me look like an idiot in front of thousands; I was going to retaliate by slashing his tires but instead I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.

7 years ago 23,334
[Roomate Gets Owned] Video Play Video

Roomate Gets Owned

My roomate came home after work and decided to go to bed only to find out that i replaced the wood supports under the mattress with fishing line while he was gone.

7 years ago 17,294
[Muhammad "The Cat" Ali] Video Play Video

Muhammad "The Cat" Ali

Cat Mimics Muhammad Ali...wouldn't want to step into the ring with this one.

6 years ago 575,250
[Behind the scenes at] Video Play Video

Behind the scenes at

We planted a hidden camera at Break to find out why the front page video titles and descriptions are always so sensationalized.

6 years ago 4,707
[Facing Ali Trailer] Video Play Video

Facing Ali Trailer

Ten of Muhammad Ali's former rivals pay tribute to three-time world heavyweight champion.

5 years ago 5,710
[Ali Lohan 2.0] Video Play Video

Ali Lohan 2.0

Can't we just send them all away?? Rumors are surfacing that the youngest Lohan train wreck, Ali, has undergone extensive plastic surgery in the recent months. Even though she's not quite 18 years old, it's an understandable assumption, considering s...

2 years ago 1,895
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