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[Roomate Gets Owned] Video Play Video

Roomate Gets Owned

My roomate came home after work and decided to go to bed only to find out that i replaced the wood supports under the mattress with fishing line while he was gone.

7 years ago 17,357
[Muhammad "The Cat" Ali] Video Play Video

Muhammad "The Cat" Ali

Cat Mimics Muhammad Ali...wouldn't want to step into the ring with this one.

6 years ago 575,388
[Movie Scenes That Inspired The Matrix] Video Play Video

Movie Scenes That Inspired The Matrix

There seems to be a glitch in The Matrix. It also helps that the Matrix soundtrack is the same one used a lot for those conspiracy videos.

3 months ago 8,758
[Behind the scenes at] Video Play Video

Behind the scenes at

We planted a hidden camera at Break to find out why the front page video titles and descriptions are always so sensationalized.

7 years ago 4,707
[Facing Ali Trailer] Video Play Video

Facing Ali Trailer

Ten of Muhammad Ali's former rivals pay tribute to three-time world heavyweight champion.

5 years ago 5,710
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