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[Muhammad "The Cat" Ali] Video Play Video

Muhammad "The Cat" Ali

Cat Mimics Muhammad Ali...wouldn't want to step into the ring with this one.

8 years ago 576,298
[How Did Ali G Get On Stage At The Oscars?] Video Play Video

How Did Ali G Get On Stage At The Oscars?

Cohen created Ali G way back in 1998 and is one of his most popular characters. He’s used Ali G to interview numerous stars and political figures, often without them being in on the joke. Donald Trump famously walked out on his Ali G interview.

11 months ago 24,537
[Facing Ali Trailer] Video Play Video

Facing Ali Trailer

Ten of Muhammad Ali's former rivals pay tribute to three-time world heavyweight champion.

7 years ago 5,790
[Ali Lohan 2.0] Video Play Video

Ali Lohan 2.0

Can't we just send them all away?? Rumors are surfacing that the youngest Lohan train wreck, Ali, has undergone extensive plastic surgery in the recent months. Even though she's not quite 18 years old, it's an understandable assumption, considering s...

5 years ago 2,030
[Broken Shower] Video Play Video

Broken Shower

Turning on the shower causes the faucet to shoot off completely

25 days ago 170
[Shower Scare] Video Play Video

Shower Scare

A guy gets ready to take a shower and gets scared by his friend behind the curtains

3 months ago 2,421
[Shower Panties Prank] Video Play Video

Shower Panties Prank

While their roommate was taking a shower, this guy's friends went in and took his towel leaving him only a pair of girls underwear. He had to get a little bit creative with ideas for a towel. Overall, a pretty ...

10 years ago 1,248,166
[Shower Time] Video Play Video

Shower Time

A shiba inu chilling in the shower

8 months ago 868
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