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[Halle Berry Bikini] Video Play Video

Halle Berry Bikini

Actress Halle Berry is making news for some hot pictures of her wearing a bikini on her 45th birthday… OMG who would have thought someone who looked really hot when she was 44 would still look really hot at 45? It’s not news that Halle Berry is sti...

2 years ago 3,746
[Ali Lohan 2.0] Video Play Video

Ali Lohan 2.0

Can't we just send them all away?? Rumors are surfacing that the youngest Lohan train wreck, Ali, has undergone extensive plastic surgery in the recent months. Even though she's not quite 18 years old, it's an understandable assumption, considering s...

2 years ago 1,865
[Alyssa Milano Baby] Video Play Video

Alyssa Milano Baby

Hi, I’m Shannon Hatch and you’re watching Newsfeed! Actress Alyssa Milano gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Milo this week. She’s happily married to CAA agent David Bugliari and this is the first child for both of them. I don’t get it. Why are...

2 years ago 15,474
[Bikini Buckeye Beauty] Video Play Video

Bikini Buckeye Beauty presents jen from ohio state talking about some osu football and growing up.

5 years ago 75,190
[Bikini Girl Prank] Video Play Video

Bikini Girl Prank

This very hot girl decides to prank these guys dreams by letting them know this never happens in reality.

6 years ago 254,691
[How to Look Hot in a Bikini] Video Play Video

How to Look Hot in a Bikini

Just in case you gals didn't know, here's some of the basics.

3 years ago 73,308
[Bikini Chick Topples Down The Hill] Video Play Video

Bikini Chick Topples Down The Hill

And here's your White Russian on the rocks. (She was actually trying to get away from that joke)

1 year ago 173,147
[Bikini Wash Fail] Video Play Video

Bikini Wash Fail

Not a fail if she meant to look so goofy trying to be hot.

7 months ago 231,605
[Blonde Bikini Beach Babes] Video Play Video

Blonde Bikini Beach Babes

These hot blonde bikini girls video taped themselves to get a party started. Immediately the entire local population of men and lesbians descended on the ladies’ home. These lusci...

4 years ago 179,734
[English Bikini Babes] Video Play Video

English Bikini Babes

So long as you dont look at their teeth, they're knockout bikini babes.

2 years ago 96,349
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