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The Worst Animal Show Ever Play Video

The Worst Animal Show Ever

32 months ago 110,140 410

We have to believe this guy was just brought in off the street and knows no...

Goat runs over girl Play Video

Goat runs over girl

32 months ago 1,290 4

Little girls first visit at petting zoo didnt go well

Cat Jump Fail Play Video

Cat Jump Fail

32 months ago 3,623 15

Cat misses jump

Cat fails Play Video

Cat fails

32 months ago 3,529 1

Cat miscalculates distance

Where’s Wall-D’oh! Play Video

Where’s Wall-D’oh!

32 months ago 65,440 97

A video on the internet of a guy on a bike? Wonder how it ends.

Art Gallery Hijack Prank Play Video

Art Gallery Hijack Prank

32 months ago 65,883 3

Sticking ping pong balls in your mouth and installing yourself in someone's...


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