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How NOT To Use A Sledgehammer Play Video

How NOT To Use A Sledgehammer

34 months ago 199,417 33

Sledgehammers aren't hard to use. You swing them into stuff. That's about i...

Kid On Bike Vs. Mailbox Play Video

Kid On Bike Vs. Mailbox

34 months ago 40,574 91

This dude comes home to a busted mailbox, so he checks the security footage...

Man vs. Escalator Play Video

Man vs. Escalator

34 months ago 63,717 1

In the epic and continuous battle between man and machine casualties will o...

Times Square Crutch Fight Play Video

Times Square Crutch Fight

34 months ago 69,735 2

A homeless man discovers a quick cure for broken legs and uses his crutches...



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