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New in Pranks & Fails

Sloth Fail Play Video

Sloth Fail

28 months ago 3,059 3

Sloth falls like a drunk man.

Dog Hits Screen Play Video

Dog Hits Screen

28 months ago 2,028 1

Careless dog pwnes itself.

Kitten VS Tv Set Play Video

Kitten VS Tv Set

28 months ago 1,099 3

Kitten exploring new entertainment possibilities.

Cat Jump Fail Play Video

Cat Jump Fail

28 months ago 3,588 1

Kitty slips on the table sheet during a jump, resulting in a funny fail.

Awesome Snowboard Jump Crash Play Video

Awesome Snowboard Jump Crash

28 months ago 63,498 13

That awkward moment when all your other awkward moments flash before your e...


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