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New in Funny Pranks and Fails

Russian Lowrider Fail Play Video

Russian Lowrider Fail

35 months ago 105,385 861

Russians lower car so much it can't get over a small speed bump!

Scary Hangman Prank! Play Video

Scary Hangman Prank!

35 months ago 76,653 628

What would you do if you discovered a hangman?

Mr. Pumpkin Scare Prank Play Video

Mr. Pumpkin Scare Prank

35 months ago 72,256 1,185

Luckily no one tried to turn him into a Jack 'O Lantern.

Fake Pregnancy Mom Prank Play Video

Fake Pregnancy Mom Prank

35 months ago 64,422 128

Good thing he had nothing solid nearby for her to beat him with.



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