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10 Guys to Avoid at the Beach View Gallery

10 Guys to Avoid at the Beach 40 months ago

Well, summer is nearly here so it's a fine time to dust off that Speedo and...

10 Disturbingly Huge Bugs View Gallery

10 Disturbingly Huge Bugs 40 months ago

No one likes bugs except for that weird kid who spends a lot of time alone....

10 Awesome Old School Monkeys View Gallery

10 Awesome Old School Monkeys 40 months ago

First, we know chimps are not technically monkeys. Second, who cares, thes...

These Are Some Bad Situations View Gallery

These Are Some Bad Situations 40 months ago

Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation that could be good, could be ba...

Your Kids Are Jerks View Gallery

Your Kids Are Jerks 40 months ago

You think your kids are great? No, they aren't. They're most likely annoyin...

Your Childhood Is Ruined View Gallery

Your Childhood Is Ruined 40 months ago

As a kid, you don't notice some things. Your mind hasn't matured or become ...