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[M47 Dragon] Picture View Image

M47 Dragon

Aug. 03, 2016 7,334 6

You didn’t have to be on a helicopter to take out a tank during the Gulf Wa...

[Barrett M82] Picture View Image

Barrett M82

Aug. 03, 2016 6,545 0

The Barrett M82 began its service in the US Military in 1989, where it rema...

[M1 Garand] Picture View Image

M1 Garand

Jul. 27, 2016 12,457 6

World War II, by some measures, is the first “modern” war, with many weapon...

[M4 Sherman] Picture View Image

M4 Sherman

Jul. 27, 2016 6,477 0

The M4 Sherman tank is one of the most iconic pieces of World War II equipm...