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[Bros Duck 1] Picture View Image

Bros Duck 1

Dec. 23, 2006 157 0

This is my brother's duckling. YOu can see the formation of the eyes, legs,...

[Wo0ps] Picture View Image


Dec. 23, 2006 471 1

The duckling got cold because it took so long for me to take it apart and t...

[Step 2] Picture View Image

Step 2

Dec. 23, 2006 409 0

When the membrane is broken, there is a liquid inside that you can drink. I...

[Step 5] Picture View Image

Step 5

Dec. 23, 2006 227 0

This is the duckling fetus. Usually, people will eat all of it without thin...

[Step 4] Picture View Image

Step 4

Dec. 23, 2006 359 1

When everything is emptied and pulled out of the shell, this is what you se...