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[Armed Vagina] Picture View Image

Armed Vagina

Jan. 24, 2007 473,697 0

Actually one of the more interesting tat's Ive seen, though I do prefer a s...

[My arm] Picture View Image

My arm

Aug. 02, 2006 1,594 0

This is my arm after putting two ice cubes on it with salt it the middle. I...

[Ice Pit] Picture View Image

Ice Pit

Feb. 22, 2007 413,053 0

I would love to see the look on this guys face as soon as the floor broke.

[Snatch Pit] Picture View Image

Snatch Pit

Mar. 10, 2008 142 0

This guy at at club had a clever Idea of Tattooing his armpit like as if it...