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[My new ad] Picture View Image

My new ad

Feb. 02, 2006 2,157 3

Ok you guys. First I love but now I have to thank you! After laug...

[Ad Nip Slip] Picture View Image

Ad Nip Slip

May. 22, 2006 43,493 1

Looks like the editors weren't paying attention to this photo.....or were t...

[Durex Ad] Picture View Image

Durex Ad

May. 16, 2007 463,348 0

This is one of the only companies that puts out great non pc ads consistent...

[Coke Ad] Picture View Image

Coke Ad

Feb. 01, 2012 183,286 0

If you can't find it move on to the next pic for the answer. This one will...

[Ad Baby] Picture View Image

Ad Baby

Nov. 26, 2007 187,973 0

If that lady got that tat on her forehead, there is another one stupid enou...