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[Gym Fail: Working] Picture View Image

Gym Fail: Working

This guy is getting huge and keeping up to date on Pinterest!

2 years ago 40,528
[Reach For The Stars] Picture View Image

Reach For The Stars

In This Picture: Photo of elementary school work fail

4 years ago 279,764
[Fail GIF: Work It Through] Picture View Image

Fail GIF: Work It Through

That cat is full of lasagna. GET IT? GARFIELD? Sorry...

1 year ago 29,582
[Photoshop Fails Are The Funniest Fails] Gallery View Gallery

Photoshop Fails Are The Funniest Fails

These people try hard, but they just can't convincingly Photoshop something together. It's even more funny (and sad) to think some got paid for this shoddy work.

2 years ago 1,070,656
[Maybe Needs Work] Picture View Image

Maybe Needs Work

In This Picture: Photo of a funny protest sign

1 month ago 222,496
[20 Ridiculous Cheerleading Fails] Gallery View Gallery

20 Ridiculous Cheerleading Fails

At a sports event, not every fail is by the actual players in the game. Sometimes it's the eye-candy that make mistakes. And I'm not talking about the peanut vendors. Check out these 20 examples of Ridiculous Cheerleading Fails

4 years ago 7,201,630
[20 Hilarious Wedding Fails] Gallery View Gallery

20 Hilarious Wedding Fails

Wedding season is here and you know what that means? Getting drunk and making an ass out of yourself at your buddies' weddings! Here are 20 Hilarious Wedding Fails for your view pleasure.

3 years ago 3,545,282
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