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[20 Puking Pumpkins] Gallery View Gallery

20 Puking Pumpkins

Creating a creative Pumpkin carving can be Interesting and Impressive, but it'll never be as entertaining as a Pumpkin puking its guts out...literally. Here's 20 Puking Pumpkins for your viewing pleasure.

3 years ago 1,332,211
[Bend Over Pumpkin] Picture View Image

Bend Over Pumpkin

Hey, that looks just like a...

7 years ago 677,214
[Awesome Pumpkin] Picture View Image

Awesome Pumpkin

That should scare the little brats.

7 years ago 471,944
[Break Pumpkin] Picture View Image

Break Pumpkin

Thats freakin sweet!

7 years ago 452,187
[Now That's How You Carve a Pumpkin] Gallery View Gallery

Now That's How You Carve a Pumpkin

Every year for Halloween we just smash a pumpkin on the steps so people think punk kids did it. These are better.

1 year ago 703,974
[Pumpkin Suicide] Picture View Image

Pumpkin Suicide

They say it was a suicide but the police are skeptical since the pumpkin doesnt have any hands.

7 years ago 416,287
[Goatse Pumpkin] Picture View Image

Goatse Pumpkin

In This Picture: Photo of a large pumpkin

3 years ago 170,957
[Pumpkin Grill] Picture View Image

Pumpkin Grill

Pumpkin flavored ribs sound really gross.

9 months ago 62,913
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