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[The Better Way To Crowd Surf] Video Play Video

The Better Way To Crowd Surf

Dive like a rock star, my friend. Discover the fool-proof guide to crowd surfing like a pro.

3 years ago 99,282
[Phone Salesman Amazes Crowd] Video Play Video

Phone Salesman Amazes Crowd

A great story from the show Britains Got Talent. The audience has little expectation for this cell phone salesman until he brings them to their feet with an incredible performance of an extremely difficult song.

7 years ago 1,938,834
[Race Car Crashes Into Crowd] Video Play Video

Race Car Crashes Into Crowd

In the final lap of the mini-challenge this weekend the driver loses control of his race car and slams into a crowd of spectators.

4 years ago 91,172
[Dynamite Surfing] Video Play Video

Dynamite Surfing

This is by far one of the coolest videos I've come across in a long time. These guys in Copenhagen surf a wave created by a huge stick of dynamite thrown into the water. Absolutely amazing, that took a lot of nerve to pull off.

7 years ago 1,616,066
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