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[Kid Falls Out Of Car During Stunt] Video Play Video

Kid Falls Out Of Car During Stunt

Some kid tries to do a stunt while driving in his car but loses his grip on the door and falls out.

8 years ago 1,453,291
[Really Stupid Stunt] Video Play Video

Really Stupid Stunt

Some kid crawls into a small hole underneath the tracks and a train screams right over him. This is such a stupid stunt to pull, so dangerous.l

8 years ago 901,619
[Insane and Impressive Highway Stunt] Video Play Video

Insane and Impressive Highway Stunt

This crazy guy manages to ghost ride his whip like an idiot on the freeway, climbing onto the roof and even onto his friend's car before getting back behind the wheel.

6 years ago 940,380
[Treadmill Stunts] Video Play Video

Treadmill Stunts

Some crazy kids put together a sweet video by using just using a treadmill, hockey gear, and some sleds!

8 years ago 724,329
[Stunt Workz] Picture View Image

Stunt Workz

Dont freak out, its not rea. Or is it?

8 years ago 628,104
[The Human Catapault Stunt] Video Play Video

The Human Catapault Stunt

Somewhere between an amateur physics experiment on leverage and a Three Stooges clip, you get this homemade video. What could possibly go wrong?

6 years ago 1,564,248
[Motorbike Stunts] Video Play Video

Motorbike Stunts

I say, these are indeed some poorly executed motorbike stunts. This execution of the stunts performed in this video is as disappointing as a flat class of sarsaparilla! When I was a lad and I use to perform motorbike stunts on my Brough Superior y...

7 years ago 590,088
[Cool People Attempting Some Really Dangerous Stunts] Playlist Play Videos

Cool People Attempting Some Really Dangerous Stunts

Sometimes it may be smarter to go with a real pro, but we prefer watching the non-pros attempt these really cool stunts and succeeding or failing with style. These cool people get a tip of our hat.

3 years ago 14,638
[Greatest Car Stunt Ever] Video Play Video

Greatest Car Stunt Ever

This has to be one of the greatest car stunts ever. A 1970s dare devil drives his car off a huge ramp at full speed. He literally goes flying.

8 years ago 1,339,989
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