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[Really Stupid Stunt] Video Play Video

Really Stupid Stunt

Some kid crawls into a small hole underneath the tracks and a train screams right over him. This is such a stupid stunt to pull, so dangerous.l

9 years ago 901,975
[Treadmill Stunts] Video Play Video

Treadmill Stunts

Some crazy kids put together a sweet video by using just using a treadmill, hockey gear, and some sleds!

10 years ago 731,964
[Stunt Workz] Picture View Image

Stunt Workz

Dont freak out, its not rea. Or is it?

10 years ago 628,263
[Motorbike Stunts] Video Play Video

Motorbike Stunts

I say, these are indeed some poorly executed motorbike stunts. This execution of the stunts performed in this video is as disappointing as a flat class of sarsaparilla! When I was a lad and I use to perform motorbike stunts on my Brough Superior y...

8 years ago 590,335
[The Human Catapault Stunt] Video Play Video

The Human Catapault Stunt

Somewhere between an amateur physics experiment on leverage and a Three Stooges clip, you get this homemade video. What could possibly go wrong?

8 years ago 1,574,436
[Spidey Stunt] Picture View Image

Spidey Stunt

Whoever comes up with the best tagline for this one I'll send a T-shirt. Post in comments under your user name.

10 years ago 422,669
[Motorcycle Stunt] Picture View Image

Motorcycle Stunt

Tell me that chick isnt smokin...

10 years ago 409,206
[Kid Falls Out Of Car During Stunt] Video Play Video

Kid Falls Out Of Car During Stunt

Some kid tries to do a stunt while driving in his car but loses his grip on the door and falls out.

10 years ago 1,472,572
[Trampoline Stunt Does Not Go Well] Video Play Video

Trampoline Stunt Does Not Go Well

I've heard from a friend of a friend that Vince McMahon checks Break all the time, if that is true let's hope he sees this video so he can sign these two immediately.

8 years ago 346,751
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