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[Really Stupid Stunt] Video Play Video

Really Stupid Stunt

Some kid crawls into a small hole underneath the tracks and a train screams right over him. This is such a stupid stunt to pull, so dangerous.l

6 years ago 899,554
[Treadmill Stunts] Video Play Video

Treadmill Stunts

Some crazy kids put together a sweet video by using just using a treadmill, hockey gear, and some sleds!

7 years ago 695,738
[Kid Falls Out Of Car During Stunt] Video Play Video

Kid Falls Out Of Car During Stunt

Some kid tries to do a stunt while driving in his car but loses his grip on the door and falls out.

7 years ago 1,407,575
[Amateur Stunts] Picture View Image

Amateur Stunts

This will end poorly.

4 months ago 56,586
[Stunt Kid Knows How To Take A Punch] Video Play Video

Stunt Kid Knows How To Take A Punch

If someone were to call Social Services on this dad, they would probably come over and pat him on the back for having such an awesome kid. He's better than most Hollywood actors. The kid can ...

1 year ago 47,602
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Motorcycle stunts performed by MickeS

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some pretty sweet ass stunts ... motorcy...

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zajebisty filmik

[Gnarly Stunt] Video Play Video

Gnarly Stunt

Another self inflicted face first into ...

[Plane stunts] Video Play Video

Plane stunts

A clip from the RC plane competition in ...