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[Stupid Reporter] Video Play Video

Stupid Reporter

That might of been the wrong tape but I would bet it wasn't loaded by mistake.

5 years ago 549,088
[Compilation of Reporters Getting Owned] Video Play Video

Compilation of Reporters Getting Owned

This is a hilarious compilation of some of the best videos of reporters getting owned. I love it when people mess with these so called journalists. Complete ownage.

8 years ago 1,828,234
[Reporter Owned By Sled] Video Play Video

Reporter Owned By Sled

Some Canadian Global news reporter thinks the bottom of a sledding hill is a great place to do his broadcast. He was wrong.

8 years ago 1,814,930
[Reporter Gets Kissed By Homeless Dude] Video Play Video

Reporter Gets Kissed By Homeless Dude

Some woman reporter covering a local wrestling event gets a big surprise from a homeless guy. Ok he might just be a wrestling fan but I'm sure he tasted like a homeless guy.

8 years ago 681,696
[Reporter Goes Swimming] Video Play Video

Reporter Goes Swimming

This reporter is explaining how high the river has gotten since a recent rain then steps in it and discovers its even deeper than he thought.

6 years ago 207,322
[BBC Reporter Gets Stoned During Report On Drugs] Video Play Video

BBC Reporter Gets Stoned During Report On Drugs

This is BBC reporter Quentin Sommerville, who has delivered reports literally while being shot at in war zones. This was probably his biggest blooper and never actually made it to air on television.

10 months ago 25,893
[Cat Attacks Cute Reporter] Video Play Video

Cat Attacks Cute Reporter

Kathleen Cochrane from WJW Fox 8 in Cleveland gets into a bit of cat fight while doing a report about animal abuse. Maybe that cat should be thrown out of a car window.

9 years ago 1,367,090
[The News Reporter] Picture View Image

The News Reporter

Probably one of my favorites because it's so obscure. "Kelly Hogue", the news reporter who first appeared in From Dusk Til Dawn makes a second appearance in the Tarantino-produced black comedy Curdled (1996) as the same news reporter. The crossover...

2 years ago 31,217
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its a video with my cousins and we made ...

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Proved a point.