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[The News Reporter] Picture View Image

The News Reporter

Probably one of my favorites because it's so obscure. "Kelly Hogue", the news reporter who first appeared in From Dusk Til Dawn makes a second appearance in the Tarantino-produced black comedy Curdled (1996) as the same news reporter. The crossover...

2 months ago 26,086
[Cow Gives Reporter Smelly Surprise] Video Play Video

Cow Gives Reporter Smelly Surprise

Even the anchors in the studio realize that covering the fair is a crappy job, but they didn't realize it would be this bad.

5 years ago 319,332
[Dogs Attack Two Female Reporters] Video Play Video

Dogs Attack Two Female Reporters

These dogs are in need of a new home and some love. They are on the news in hopes to find a new home and then try to get some love from the reporters.

4 years ago 593,463
[Spanish Reporter Ruins Sand Castle] Video Play Video

Spanish Reporter Ruins Sand Castle

Looks like it took more than 16 hours for this guy to finish this castle. Would you let a clumsy reporter that close to your castle?

5 years ago 1,634,916
[WTF Did This Reporter Try To Say?] Video Play Video

WTF Did This Reporter Try To Say?

Maybe it's not the reporters fault. Maybe the teleprompter was set on random. Not sure that explains words like sifty-four though.

2 years ago 195,906
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