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[Break Picture Gallery: Chick Magnet Edition] Gallery View Gallery

Break Picture Gallery: Chick Magnet Edition

Break Picture Gallery: Chick Magnet Edition! Simpsons IRL, Paris Hilton's favorite eatery, the gingeriest ginger and plenty more. Enjoy!

3 years ago 5,483,759
[Pussy Magnet] Picture View Image

Pussy Magnet

In This Picture: Photo of creepy Asian guy

4 years ago 102,972
[Pussy magnet] Picture View Image

Pussy magnet

Now they can never resist me

2 years ago 87,790
[Chick Magnet] Picture View Image

Chick Magnet

A fat kid with a chick magnet t-shirt

3 years ago 72,054
[Pussy Magnets] Picture View Image

Pussy Magnets

Pussy Magnets

2 years ago 49,413
[Chick Magnets] Video Play Video

Chick Magnets

In Florida, two dudes cruise for women...a little too fast.

6 years ago 10,962
[Magnet + Copper Pipe = Magic] Video Play Video

Magnet + Copper Pipe = Magic

Put your hand between two magnets the size of the one in this video that are attracted to each other and you’ll probably break it.

1 year ago 122,890
[Walking Upside Down With Magnetic Shoes] Video Play Video

Walking Upside Down With Magnetic Shoes

This guy made a pair of magnetic shoes to be more like Magneto from The X-Men.. or to win a Darwin Award, you decide.

8 months ago 40,916
[P*ssy Magnet] Picture View Image

P*ssy Magnet

A dude with spiked hair and some kind of virgin suit

2 years ago 115,545
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[magnetic hill] Video Play Video

magnetic hill

this a video of the famous magnetic hill...