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Walking is a skill almost every human learns in the first few years of life. Balancing an entire body on two feet then negotiating the world is much more difficult than it may seem. Although humans take this skill for granted, until they take an unsuspected spill. Because of the ease of walking its easy for people to forget that they are a heavy bag of rice on top of two stilts. Break researches hilarious videos of people walking and falling. All in an attempt to create the perfect walking fail video. The work may be tedious but someone has got to do it.

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Russian Pedestrian Rage Play Video

Russian Pedestrian Rage 17 months ago

A few years ago a dude shooting at a car that cut him off while walking acr...

Lake Michigan Vs. Stragglers Play Video

Lake Michigan Vs. Stragglers 37 months ago

Local authorities warned bikers and runners to stay away from Chicago's Lak...

A Russian Walks Into A Pole Play Video

A Russian Walks Into A Pole 37 months ago

A Russian walks into a Pole. He's still trying to figure out where it came ...

People Are LUCKY Play Video

People Are LUCKY 47 months ago

This is an excellent compilation of people being extraordinarily lucky in e...

Walking With Precision Play Video

Walking With Precision 50 months ago

Safe bet youI'll never see me at a Japanese Walking Competition but I got t...

Old Lady Has Nerves Of Steel Play Video

Old Lady Has Nerves Of Steel 80 months ago

Some old lady is crossing a street when just a few feet in front of her two...

Kids Run Over Buddy With Car Play Video

Kids Run Over Buddy With Car 85 months ago

These guys think it would be cool to run over their friend with a car. The...

Hit And Run Over Play Video

Hit And Run Over 94 months ago

This driver is an absolute psychopath. After side swiping another car he lo...

Lady Gets Run Over By Car Play Video

Lady Gets Run Over By Car 95 months ago

A woman is walking across a parking lot when a car decides to pull out of a...