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Trucks define the open road. A convoy of huge semi's hauling lord knows what down the road. Talking on CB radios and stopping at dingy truck stops along the way. Trucks, and the crazy truckers that drive them, get cargo where it needs to be. Of course sometimes these trucks crash, and when they crash it is never small or simple. Break compiles these videos into the trucks category. All the worst, jack knifes, truck crash pileups, and overturns seen on the highway can be seen in these videos. If it involves a truck on the road, then it can be found in one of Break's truck videos.

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Gone In Six Seconds Play Video

Gone In Six Seconds 11 months ago

The driver of the truck was taken to Sparrow hospital and is expected to ma...

Close Call With Semi-Truck Play Video

Close Call With Semi-Truck 11 months ago

This is the closest you can get having a head on accident with a semi-truck...

How Not To Load A Truck Play Video

How Not To Load A Truck 11 months ago

If you listen close you can hear a little kid scream 'I told ya so!' at the...

Russian Fire Truck Play Video

Russian Fire Truck 12 months ago

It takes nearly two minutes for this crazy Russian driver to realize the ca...

Crazy Driver Flips Hummer Play Video

Crazy Driver Flips Hummer 13 months ago

What the hell is this dude thinking trashing his Hummer full of his friends...

Driver's Head Breaks Window Play Video

Driver's Head Breaks Window 13 months ago

The driver suffered a pretty decent head injury. Not sure if that could ma...

Drag Race Truck Fail Play Video

Drag Race Truck Fail 14 months ago

Looks like nerves got the best of this driver.

This Truck Blows (Over) Play Video

This Truck Blows (Over) 16 months ago

At least the truck driver’s spoonful of dirt stays safe.

Meanwhile In South Africa Play Video

Meanwhile In South Africa 17 months ago

The fastest way to school in South Africa as long as you don't sneeze.

  Russian Snow Removal Play Video

Russian Snow Removal 18 months ago

The only thing that would have made this better is a second truck doing the...