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Quick Tire Inflate Play Video

Quick Tire Inflate 5 months ago

Hey, good job not blowing yourself up.

The No Go Tow Play Video

The No Go Tow 5 months ago

In fairness, most tow trucks ted to not use 30 feet of cable

Nothing Stops This Semi Truck Play Video

Nothing Stops This Semi Truck 6 months ago

This driver has a schedule to keep and stopping for mid-sized cars on his f...

Gone In Six Seconds Play Video

Gone In Six Seconds 8 months ago

The driver of the truck was taken to Sparrow hospital and is expected to ma...

Close Call With Semi-Truck Play Video

Close Call With Semi-Truck 8 months ago

This is the closest you can get having a head on accident with a semi-truck...

How Not To Load A Truck Play Video

How Not To Load A Truck 8 months ago

If you listen close you can hear a little kid scream 'I told ya so!' at the...

Russian Fire Truck Play Video

Russian Fire Truck 9 months ago

It takes nearly two minutes for this crazy Russian driver to realize the ca...

How Not To Tow Your Boat Play Video

How Not To Tow Your Boat 9 months ago

Three trucks still can't pull this massive boat out of the water.

Crazy Driver Flips Hummer Play Video

Crazy Driver Flips Hummer 10 months ago

What the hell is this dude thinking trashing his Hummer full of his friends...

Driver's Head Breaks Window Play Video

Driver's Head Breaks Window 10 months ago

The driver suffered a pretty decent head injury. Not sure if that could ma...

Drag Race Truck Fail Play Video

Drag Race Truck Fail 10 months ago

Looks like nerves got the best of this driver.