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Since the Wright brothers flight at Kitty Hawk planes have provided the fastest mode of transportation for most people. Shortening week long voyages into only a span of hours and truly linking large cities to one another planes revolutionized the transportation industry. With any mode of transportation as large as aeronautics there are inevitable crashes and emergencies like the Hudson River crash landing, especially when you add in private pilots and hundreds of thousands of small planes around the globe. Break features the fastest planes, closest calls, and most destructive plane crashes in the history of airplanes. Instead of flying lesson videos, these clips prove that there truly is a reason man was not born with wings

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747 Struck By Lightning Play Video

747 Struck By Lightning 74 months ago

I was under the impression that this would make you time travel.

Swiss Helicopter Crash Play Video

Swiss Helicopter Crash 76 months ago

The problem with helicopters is there's no such thing as losing a little bi...

Airforce II Blows Media Away Play Video

Airforce II Blows Media Away 78 months ago

Although the Vice President's staff warned the media the blast from the pla...

Bi-Plane Crashes Into Lake Play Video

Bi-Plane Crashes Into Lake 80 months ago

I believe this is considered the equivalent of a face-plant for planes.

Military Chopper Fly By Play Video

Military Chopper Fly By 80 months ago

A pilot does a fly by of a military base in his helicopter but check out ho...

Airplane Knocks Over Truck Play Video

Airplane Knocks Over Truck 82 months ago

Shortly after landing this South African pilot knocks over a large box truc...

New Nasa Jet Engine Play Video

New Nasa Jet Engine 82 months ago

This is the new butane-propelled rocket engine NASA is going to use for the...

Barf Bags Dont Work at 0 Gs Play Video

Barf Bags Dont Work at 0 Gs 83 months ago

This is one of the funniest videos Ive seen in a while. Some girl loses her...

How Rosie Odonnell Travels Play Video

How Rosie Odonnell Travels 83 months ago

If youve ever wondered how Rosie Odonnell travels around the country here i...

Auto Pilot Glider Takeoff Play Video

Auto Pilot Glider Takeoff 84 months ago

This thing is so cool I definitely want one. I just dont know how he plans ...

In Air Near Miss Causes Crash Play Video

In Air Near Miss Causes Crash 84 months ago

This pilot has a near miss but the other planes tow rope gets caught in his...

Helicopter Performing Stunts Play Video

Helicopter Performing Stunts 85 months ago

This helicopter pilot has some major league big balls. Hes performing stunt...