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This Is Not A Bike Path Play Video

This Is Not A Bike Path 48 months ago

It’s clearly an arranged stunt but, you know, something could have gone wro...

My plane View Image

My plane 50 months ago

My plane

Follow the Bouncing Plane Play Video

Follow the Bouncing Plane 50 months ago

Right off the runway this plane was not having it. The pilot is still aliv...

How the French Land a Plane Play Video

How the French Land a Plane 51 months ago

Gasp! Papa! Ze plane, she has crashed into ze Kia Sportage! Ziss is terribl...

Airplank View Image

Airplank 51 months ago

Plankings still topical

Mile High Club Play Video

Mile High Club 54 months ago

This must be the guy everyone talks about when they say 'Like A Boss'.

Amish Man Goes Skydiving Play Video

Amish Man Goes Skydiving 55 months ago

Probably few people can say that they have flown in a plane, but never land...

How Not To Land A Plane Play Video

How Not To Land A Plane 56 months ago

This pilot did everything perfect during his first landing with the excepti...

Chick Gets Blown Away Play Video

Chick Gets Blown Away 58 months ago

Chick tries to hang onto the airport fence while a plane takes off at the P...

Just the tip View Image

Just the tip 58 months ago

Just takin' a peek