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Motorcycles have long been the main transport for the brave and the tough. These gasoline-fueled death machines strip all the safety and stability from a car, leaving only and engine, two wheels, and a set of handlebars. Break's motorcycle footage is full of the best and the worst of these mechanical horses. The sweetest super motorcycle stunts, the worst highway crashes, and the most insane drivers all make appearances in Break's videos. For all the thrill and none of the risk, keep watching Break's great motorcycle videos.

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Bad Day For A Seagull Play Video

Bad Day For A Seagull 9 months ago

Pixar needs to make a movie about a racing gull.

Harley Davidson Vs Sportsbike Play Video

Harley Davidson Vs Sportsbike 11 months ago

Last week you all were surprised when a 1957 Chevy Bel Air out ran a sports...

Motorcycle Sandwich Play Video

Motorcycle Sandwich 11 months ago

Why didn't this biker just hit his brakes?

Biker Faceplants Into Truck Play Video

Biker Faceplants Into Truck 11 months ago

That's what you get for wearing a pink jumpsuit on a motorcycle in the rain...

Nope, Not Safe To Go Yet Play Video

Nope, Not Safe To Go Yet 11 months ago

Maybe approach a little slower next time, check things out first.