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Motorcycles have long been the main transport for the brave and the tough. These gasoline-fueled death machines strip all the safety and stability from a car, leaving only and engine, two wheels, and a set of handlebars. Break's motorcycle footage is full of the best and the worst of these mechanical horses. The sweetest super motorcycle stunts, the worst highway crashes, and the most insane drivers all make appearances in Break's videos. For all the thrill and none of the risk, keep watching Break's great motorcycle videos.

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Biker Wipes Out At 95mph Play Video

Biker Wipes Out At 95mph 68 months ago

This dude passes a group of bikers and immediately loses control hitting th...

Fat Man On A Little Bike Play Video

Fat Man On A Little Bike 71 months ago

If you watch this video a couple times it stops being funny and you really ...

Biker Has Amazing Recovery Play Video

Biker Has Amazing Recovery 71 months ago

Here's a classic video of a biker who falls off his bike during a race and ...

Dumb Biker Needs Practice Play Video

Dumb Biker Needs Practice 72 months ago

After a pitiful display like this, he might want to consider investing in a...

How Not To Pull Off Highway Play Video

How Not To Pull Off Highway 73 months ago

An old couple tries to switch lanes on the highway at about 15mph and end u...

Dirt Bike Faceplant Play Video

Dirt Bike Faceplant 74 months ago

This dude gets big air on a jump, but comes down on his front wheel, causin...

Standing Street Bike Accident Play Video

Standing Street Bike Accident 74 months ago

You just know this trick isn't going to end well within the first two secon...

Insane Motorcycle Stunt Play Video

Insane Motorcycle Stunt 75 months ago

Crazy guy does an absolutely insane motorcycle stunt on the freeway.

Burnout In The Living Room Play Video

Burnout In The Living Room 76 months ago

This dude gets drunk at a party and brings his motorcycle into the living r...

Motorcycle Crash Play Video

Motorcycle Crash 76 months ago

Can you tell that this is John's first time on a motorcycle? It's also his ...