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Cars are the fundamental mode of transportation for millions of people around the world, from lowly fast food workers to the president. They are the gas guzzling work horses that carry people and their supplies across highways and toll roads, mountain passes and open prairies to wherever their lives lead them. Cars are vital to the world economy. Break does not focus on gas efficient, mid-priced sedans, however. Instead, Break's videos show the fastest cars, craziest car surfers, largest wrecks, and most insane drivers. This collection of auto-centric videos is unrivaled anywhere on the internet. So buckle up; it may be a bumpy ride.

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Dumb Showoff Trashes His Car Play Video

Dumb Showoff Trashes His Car 67 months ago

After watching all three Fast and the Furious movies back-to-back, this guy...

Custom Car Crash Play Video

Custom Car Crash 67 months ago

These kids spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars customizing the...

Lowrider Routine Goes Wrong Play Video

Lowrider Routine Goes Wrong 68 months ago

All my friends love a lowrider...until it flips over and almost crushes the...

Best Female Driver Ever Play Video

Best Female Driver Ever 68 months ago

This chick gets a wheel lock on her car for illegally parking downtown but ...

Showoff Destroys New Car Play Video

Showoff Destroys New Car 68 months ago

Here's a deleted scene from 'Fast and the Furious: Bozo Drift.'

Chick Refuses to Be Towed Play Video

Chick Refuses to Be Towed 69 months ago

The idiocy of women drivers knows no boundaries. Around the globe, they do ...

Rally Car Misses Landing Play Video

Rally Car Misses Landing 69 months ago

This driver hits a ramp way too hard which sends him soaring into a bunch o...

Cheap Chinese Made Car Play Video

Cheap Chinese Made Car 70 months ago

A lot of negative things are being said about the US automakers lately but ...

Stupid Driver Gets Wrecked Play Video

Stupid Driver Gets Wrecked 70 months ago

A Mercedes driver learns the hard way that some u-turns are illegal for a r...