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Cars are the fundamental mode of transportation for millions of people around the world, from lowly fast food workers to the president. They are the gas guzzling work horses that carry people and their supplies across highways and toll roads, mountain passes and open prairies to wherever their lives lead them. Cars are vital to the world economy. Break does not focus on gas efficient, mid-priced sedans, however. Instead, Break's videos show the fastest cars, craziest car surfers, largest wrecks, and most insane drivers. This collection of auto-centric videos is unrivaled anywhere on the internet. So buckle up; it may be a bumpy ride.

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Failed Street Racing Play Video

Failed Street Racing 59 months ago

Two guys challenge each other to a street race and end up colliding with on...

Amazing Oldsmobile Jump	Play Video

Amazing Oldsmobile Jump 60 months ago

Anybody who's ever seen any old cop show has seen this jump and wanted to p...

Serbian Pimp My Ride Play Video

Serbian Pimp My Ride 60 months ago

They have this saying in Serbia, 'It takes a village to raise a car.'

Man Walks Past Exploding Car Play Video

Man Walks Past Exploding Car 61 months ago

If you look close enough the man who walked within 15 feet of this car befo...

Car Crashes Into Polish Woman Play Video

Car Crashes Into Polish Woman 62 months ago

I think I've completely lost any hope that people actually stop for pedestr...

Awesome Halloween Costume Play Video

Awesome Halloween Costume 62 months ago

A couple months early but this is one of the coolest Halloween costumes I'v...

Chick Takes Guy For A Ride Play Video

Chick Takes Guy For A Ride 62 months ago

This girl not only hits this guys car after she cuts him off in a parking g...

Huge Rally Crash Play Video

Huge Rally Crash 63 months ago

A crowd of rally fans rush to assist a driver when another car pummels into...

Car Crash Play Video

Car Crash 65 months ago

Green light means go. Red light means stop. Running through a red light? Go...