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Cars are the fundamental mode of transportation for millions of people around the world, from lowly fast food workers to the president. They are the gas guzzling work horses that carry people and their supplies across highways and toll roads, mountain passes and open prairies to wherever their lives lead them. Cars are vital to the world economy. Break does not focus on gas efficient, mid-priced sedans, however. Instead, Break's videos show the fastest cars, craziest car surfers, largest wrecks, and most insane drivers. This collection of auto-centric videos is unrivaled anywhere on the internet. So buckle up; it may be a bumpy ride.

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No Wheel, No Problem Play Video

No Wheel, No Problem 45 months ago

This dude is probably going to punch the first person to make a joke about ...

Turbocharged Car Test Fail Play Video

Turbocharged Car Test Fail 46 months ago

These guys are testing out an engine they just spent over 120 hours turbo c...

Drifting Car Loses Its Tires Play Video

Drifting Car Loses Its Tires 46 months ago

Halfway through the drift, the car realized that drifting is lame, but the ...

Female Parking Epic Fail Play Video

Female Parking Epic Fail 47 months ago

You can't tell that its a female driver pulling into this parking spot unti...

Building A BMW Z4 GT3 Play Video

Building A BMW Z4 GT3 47 months ago

Very cool time-lapse of a BMW Z4 GT3 being built by hand in just over 3 min...

Car Crashes Through DMV Play Video

Car Crashes Through DMV 48 months ago

This guy slammed his car through the DMV after passing his driving test. Yo...

Rotor Burns Until It Explodes Play Video

Rotor Burns Until It Explodes 48 months ago

No you're right. I definitely need a new rotor. I mean, I came in for an oi...

Chick Nearly Crushed By Car Play Video

Chick Nearly Crushed By Car 50 months ago

This chick escapes death by stepping out of the way of this accident at the...

Loading Honda In U-haul Fail Play Video

Loading Honda In U-haul Fail 51 months ago

These guys should be relieved they missed the ramp and hit the bumper. The...

Awesome Parallel Parking Job Play Video

Awesome Parallel Parking Job 52 months ago

What a boy scout, huh? This dude manages to parallel park his car and repar...

25 Hilarious Blonde Fails View Gallery

25 Hilarious Blonde Fails 52 months ago

Some people say that the negative stereotype about blondes being dumb isn't...