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If your idea of a bus is a luxury liner with pullouts and sleeping for five, then Break's bus videos may not be for you. Break has the best bus crashes, disasters, and fail videos on the internet. These videos will put the passengers' lives on the line as they ride in a steel coffin of insanity. Driven by bus drivers from the local mental institution these videos are lucky to have any survivors. If you want luxury travel, take a cruise; for some of the most epic bus crashes and bus fights of all time, delve deeper into Break's bus videos.

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Car Explosion In Russia Play Video

Car Explosion In Russia 12 months ago

Keep your eye on the dude in the background walking. He is completely unfa...

The Real Bang Bus Play Video

The Real Bang Bus 19 months ago

Now you know why the seats on the bus are always so gross.

Bus Demolishes Barrier Test Play Video

Bus Demolishes Barrier Test 35 months ago

Good news, parents. NOTHING is going to keep this bus from getting your kid...

10 Badass Buses View Gallery

10 Badass Buses 35 months ago

Some might say buses are for sissies. Poppycock! Here are 10 insanely awe...

Lucky Driver In Green Van Play Video

Lucky Driver In Green Van 39 months ago

After these two buses collide at an intersection watch how lucky this drive...

Bus Driving Like A Boss Play Video

Bus Driving Like A Boss 39 months ago

A flooded out road brought all traffic in this town to a complete standstil...