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"How much could go wrong on a bicycle?" These famous last words are spoken by many ill-informed people every year, whether they're experts or just learning to ride a bike. Although bicycles have a simple design and are manually powered these two-wheeled mayhem machines are capable of creating plenty of carnage and pain. Break shows the worst and most glorious of these videos in its bicycle category. For the worst wrecks, fastest rides, and coolest stuntsin the world of bikes, look no further than Break's bicycle category.

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10 Classic Bicycle Fails View Gallery

10 Classic Bicycle Fails 33 months ago

Bicycle fails are almost as old as the internet itself, which is why we sho...

Pallet Nutshot Fail Play Video

Pallet Nutshot Fail 44 months ago

Up until this dude landed on his nuts I thought he was doing pretty good.

First Time On Box Jump Play Video

First Time On Box Jump 44 months ago

"Pull your handlebars up and snap your head back." They gave him simple ins...

Cyclo-Cross Biker Eats Street Play Video

Cyclo-Cross Biker Eats Street 44 months ago

This biker picks up his bike, hops over one hurdle, and racks himself on th...

Stair Cycling Fail Play Video

Stair Cycling Fail 45 months ago

Not sure what was more painful for this guy landing head first or listening...

20 Epic Tour de France Fails View Gallery

20 Epic Tour de France Fails 48 months ago

With the Tour de France nearing its end, what better way to celebrate than ...

Head First Over Handlebars Play Video

Head First Over Handlebars 61 months ago

I can't figure out what caused the front tire to drop so quick but immediat...

Bike Hero Play Video

Bike Hero 69 months ago

This is one of the most original and coolest videos I have seen in awhile. ...

Biking Under the Influence Play Video

Biking Under the Influence 69 months ago

After several rounds at the pub, this old man has a funny struggle with his...

How To Slow A Biker Down Play Video

How To Slow A Biker Down 72 months ago

At a critical mass ride an NYPD officer finds a very innovative way of gett...