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"How much could go wrong on a bicycle?" These famous last words are spoken by many ill-informed people every year, whether they're experts or just learning to ride a bike. Although bicycles have a simple design and are manually powered these two-wheeled mayhem machines are capable of creating plenty of carnage and pain. Break shows the worst and most glorious of these videos in its bicycle category. For the worst wrecks, fastest rides, and coolest stuntsin the world of bikes, look no further than Break's bicycle category.

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Bubble Wrap Bike Invention Play Video

Bubble Wrap Bike Invention 11 months ago

Not a kid on earth that wouldn't want to ride the bubble wrap bike.

Multi-Rider Bike Crash Play Video

Multi-Rider Bike Crash 13 months ago

Bike racers are like lemmings. If one makes a bad turn they all follow.

Epic Road Rash Play Video

Epic Road Rash 14 months ago

On the upside her crack was buffed to a like-new sparkle.

Dirt Bike Sand Trap Play Video

Dirt Bike Sand Trap 18 months ago

Gotta watch those knees, Speed Racer. They’re super sensitive.

Opening A Beer With Style Play Video

Opening A Beer With Style 19 months ago

Be responsible. Always bring a designated bottle opener with you.

Kid On Bike Vs. Mailbox Play Video

Kid On Bike Vs. Mailbox 22 months ago

This dude comes home to a busted mailbox, so he checks the security footage...

Drafting Like A Boss Play Video

Drafting Like A Boss 26 months ago

This dude is drafting on a bicycle at nearly 60mph which is the cheapest an...

Biker Road Rage Revenge Play Video

Biker Road Rage Revenge 29 months ago

Biker teaches a lesson to a bad driver cutting cars off on a crowded street...

Cool Transforming Bike Play Video

Cool Transforming Bike 31 months ago

This amazing bicycle eliminates "I didn't see you" from the reasons you mig...

10 Classic Bicycle Fails View Gallery

10 Classic Bicycle Fails 33 months ago

Bicycle fails are almost as old as the internet itself, which is why we sho...