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Everyday, billions of people use a mode of transportation. Whether it is by rail, road, sky, or sea, people all share in travel on a daily basis. These successful trips don't make the cut for Break's transportation videos. Break focuses the best falls, accidents, derailments, and crashes in the transportation world. Whether it's planes, trains, or automobiles, these volatile videos will amaze and terrify even the most hardened video viewer. Before your next trip, be sure to watch these cautionary tales.

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Russian Quick Response Time Play Video

Russian Quick Response Time 15 months ago

The ambulance showed up in less time than it would have taken to pick up th...

Buick Gets Big Air Play Video

Buick Gets Big Air 15 months ago

Thats more air than anyone expected.

I'm Gonna Do It Play Video

I'm Gonna Do It 15 months ago

We kinda thought he was going to do it.

Car Crash: Canadian Edition Play Video

Car Crash: Canadian Edition 15 months ago

Dear Russians, notice how everyone actually runs over to see if anyone need...

Home Auto Repair Gone Wrong Play Video

Home Auto Repair Gone Wrong 15 months ago

Sometimes changing your oil at home actually costs you more in the long run...

Russian Fire Truck Play Video

Russian Fire Truck 15 months ago

It takes nearly two minutes for this crazy Russian driver to realize the ca...

Mom Drives 900HP Evo Play Video

Mom Drives 900HP Evo 15 months ago

We're calling out fake on this one. No way a woman can drive like that.