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Everyday, billions of people use a mode of transportation. Whether it is by rail, road, sky, or sea, people all share in travel on a daily basis. These successful trips don't make the cut for Break's transportation videos. Break focuses the best falls, accidents, derailments, and crashes in the transportation world. Whether it's planes, trains, or automobiles, these volatile videos will amaze and terrify even the most hardened video viewer. Before your next trip, be sure to watch these cautionary tales.

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Rough Landing Play Video

Rough Landing 40 months ago

Multiple camera views catch a driver overshooting a 100+ foot jump and land...

Tree Ends Truck Race Early Play Video

Tree Ends Truck Race Early 40 months ago

Once the tow truck arrives and pulls him across the finish line, he'll come...

Motorcycle Win/Truck Fail Play Video

Motorcycle Win/Truck Fail 40 months ago

A motorcycle and a mini truck are driving down a street when the mini truck...

Motorcycle Head On Collision Play Video

Motorcycle Head On Collision 40 months ago

Biker comes speeding around a mountain corner only to get slide tackled by ...

Shortest Police Chase Ever Play Video

Shortest Police Chase Ever 40 months ago

This biker discovers the easiest way to avoid a ticket is to just leave.

Crazy Double Scooter Crash Play Video

Crazy Double Scooter Crash 40 months ago

A woman opens her car door, sending one scooter crashing into another. Righ...

Erupting Sewer Destroys Car Play Video

Erupting Sewer Destroys Car 40 months ago

So apparently, this was caused by a thunderstorm in Montreal. It is also ap...

Chad Reed Ejected From Bike Play Video

Chad Reed Ejected From Bike 40 months ago

Chad Reed goes airborne after losing control on a jump and getting ejected ...

Rockstar Parking Play Video

Rockstar Parking 40 months ago

This is probably one of the most spectacular parking jobs you'll ever see. ...

Most Awesome Carmageddon Play Video

Most Awesome Carmageddon 41 months ago

This weekend, the major Freeway connecting the two major parts of Los Angel...

Insane Car Accident With Deer Play Video

Insane Car Accident With Deer 41 months ago

Car hits a deer while driving over 55mph on the highway and launches it tow...

Carmageddon: The Movie Play Video

Carmageddon: The Movie 41 months ago

The shutdown of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles is just the closure of one l...