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Jet Propelled Bicycle Play Video

Jet Propelled Bicycle 119 months ago

This dude gets dual jet engines and attaches them to his bicycle and takes ...

Incredibly Fast Biker Play Video

Incredibly Fast Biker 119 months ago

This dude is friggin insane. Watch his spedometer as he cruises through tr...

Christmas Concrete truck Play Video

Christmas Concrete truck 119 months ago

My Buddy brought over a truck that they spent over 10 days decorating for a...

How Not To Beat A Road Block Play Video

How Not To Beat A Road Block 119 months ago

Well, here is a nice demonstration on how not to outrun one of those underg...

Low Flying 747 Play Video

Low Flying 747 119 months ago

I can pretty much gurantee this is the lowest youll ever see a 747 fly with...

Lady Gets Run Over By Car Play Video

Lady Gets Run Over By Car 119 months ago

A woman is walking across a parking lot when a car decides to pull out of a...

German Helicopter Stunts Play Video

German Helicopter Stunts 119 months ago

I dont know a lot about helicopters but I'm guessing this is a pretty tough...

Boat is Too Tall For Bridge Play Video

Boat is Too Tall For Bridge 119 months ago

A boat tries to fit under a bridge but misses by about 30 feet. The good n...

Truck Crashes Into Bank Play Video

Truck Crashes Into Bank 120 months ago

Some idiot loses control of a truck and barrels into a bank and on top of a...

Fight Over A Parking Spot Play Video

Fight Over A Parking Spot 120 months ago

This is so cool. There have been so many times I've wanted to push somebody...

Paralell Parking Play Video

Paralell Parking 120 months ago

This is pretty friggin cool. These guys mod their car and install a 5th wh...

Close Call With Train Play Video

Close Call With Train 120 months ago

Watch this couple try to jump across the tracks before a train comes speedi...

Worlds Dumbest Mechanic Play Video

Worlds Dumbest Mechanic 120 months ago

I'm no mechanic but I would at least remember to make sure the engine is of...

Train Vs Truck Play Video

Train Vs Truck 120 months ago

Somehow a truck has been accidentally parked on the train tracks during com...

Old Lady Run Over Play Video

Old Lady Run Over 120 months ago

This is some fairly shocking footage of a woman getting run over multiple t...

Aborted 747 Take Off Play Video

Aborted 747 Take Off 120 months ago

Dramatic security camera video shows a Tradewinds Airlines Boeing 747-200 f...

Another Car Versus Metal Pole Play Video

Another Car Versus Metal Pole 120 months ago

Some people will just never learn. Here's more closed circuit tv footage of...

Live News Biker Hit Play Video

Live News Biker Hit 120 months ago

I dont know what country this newscast is from but clearly they are having ...

Very Lucky Store Clerk Play Video

Very Lucky Store Clerk 120 months ago

This has to be the luckiest store clerk ever. After you see what he walks a...

Train Vs Guy On Moped Play Video

Train Vs Guy On Moped 120 months ago

I know we've all wondered what would happen if a moped and a speeding train...

Corvette Explosion Play Video

Corvette Explosion 121 months ago

$95,000 custom corvette goes up in smoke. Vette burst into flames at races.

Plane Crashes Into Lake Play Video

Plane Crashes Into Lake 121 months ago

A plane comes in for a landing two-thirds down a runway and ends up skiddin...

Friday 13th Crash Play Video

Friday 13th Crash 121 months ago

This video was taken at Desert Thunder Raceway, Midland, Texas

Truck Rams Dude At Car Wash Play Video

Truck Rams Dude At Car Wash 121 months ago

Some dude is walking into a local car wash when out of nowhere a car rams h...