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Plane Lands On Moving Vehicle Play Video

Plane Lands On Moving Vehicle 113 months ago

This is pretty awesome, a plane lands on the roof of a moving vehicle. That...

Roadside Fire View Image

Roadside Fire 113 months ago

This is why people should stop smoking while they drive. Well that and it c...

Rail Park Job View Image

Rail Park Job 113 months ago

When you cannot go through, go over it.

Parking Difficulty View Image

Parking Difficulty 113 months ago

Another reason why (insert your own here) should not be driving.

Lambo Totally Totaled View Image

Lambo Totally Totaled 113 months ago

I guess when you have enough money to buy one you can just throw them away.

Drunk Driver Gets Hit By Car Play Video

Drunk Driver Gets Hit By Car 113 months ago

A drunk driver is being chased by police and crashes his car. He quickly o...

Car Destroyed By Falling Beam Play Video

Car Destroyed By Falling Beam 113 months ago

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a beam from a constr...

Jumping Car View Image

Jumping Car 113 months ago

This hoopty has mad hops.

Driving Upslope View Image

Driving Upslope 113 months ago

This is an unusual place to put your house.

Panty Mobile View Image

Panty Mobile 113 months ago

I would hate to see who those were made for.

Women Drivers View Image

Women Drivers 113 months ago

Oops, did I do that

Propeller Damage View Image

Propeller Damage 113 months ago

Just because he was smaller doesnt mean he wasnt first in line.

Insane Bike Rack View Image

Insane Bike Rack 113 months ago

Now I know what happened to all my bikes in college.

Handstand crash Play Video

Handstand crash 113 months ago

funny crash doing handstand on motorcycle

Coming Home From War Play Video

Coming Home From War 113 months ago

Even though in the end this turned out to be a commercial I really liked th...

Mud Bogging View Image

Mud Bogging 113 months ago

And the funny thing is they do this on purpose.

No Kids View Image

No Kids 113 months ago

Is that a personal statement or a message about society.