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Kid Drives Off Cliff Play Video

Kid Drives Off Cliff 116 months ago

Some kid drives his car straight towards the edge of a small cliff and bail...

Cruise Ship Car Horn Play Video

Cruise Ship Car Horn 116 months ago

This guy was sick of getting stuck behind grandma going 40 in the fast lane...

When Drifting Goes Bad Play Video

When Drifting Goes Bad 117 months ago

A Mazda RX-7 at a car show attempts to do some drifting but fails. Someone ...

New Jeep Isnt Trail Rated Play Video

New Jeep Isnt Trail Rated 117 months ago

This guy in a jeep attempts to drive up a steep rock. He fails. Thats one J...

Lucky Chick Dodges Death Play Video

Lucky Chick Dodges Death 117 months ago

Incredible footage that shows a girl walk out of a kitchen just moments bef...

Embarrassing Ferrari Accident Play Video

Embarrassing Ferrari Accident 117 months ago

During a Ferrari rally in a small European city some rich moron tries to sh...

Insane Landing In Honduras Play Video

Insane Landing In Honduras 117 months ago

Mark Tegucigalpa Honduras down as a place I will never visit. I can barely...

Kid Snaps Arm In Half Play Video

Kid Snaps Arm In Half 117 months ago

Some kid tries a small jump but flips over the handle bars. He lands awkwa...

New Anti-Gravity Helicopter Play Video

New Anti-Gravity Helicopter 117 months ago

This looks pretty cool. The FPS on the video camera are exactly in sync wi...

Car Music Play Video

Car Music 117 months ago

Beats made using the sounds made by my car. Inspired by Lasse Gjertsen and ...

Drunk Driver Gets Hit By Car Play Video

Drunk Driver Gets Hit By Car 118 months ago

A drunk driver is being chased by police and crashes his car. He quickly o...

Handstand crash Play Video

Handstand crash 118 months ago

funny crash doing handstand on motorcycle

Coming Home From War Play Video

Coming Home From War 118 months ago

Even though in the end this turned out to be a commercial I really liked th...