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Everyday, billions of people use a mode of transportation. Whether it is by rail, road, sky, or sea, people all share in travel on a daily basis. These successful trips don't make the cut for Break's transportation videos. Break focuses the best falls, accidents, derailments, and crashes in the transportation world. Whether it's planes, trains, or automobiles, these volatile videos will amaze and terrify even the most hardened video viewer. Before your next trip, be sure to watch these cautionary tales.

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Parking Spot Revenge Play Video

Parking Spot Revenge 52 months ago

It's a rare day when I admit a chick did something positive while driving b...

Manual Wiper Blades Play Video

Manual Wiper Blades 52 months ago

You know the economy is getting pretty rough when people can't afford new w...

Car Plows Into Auto Body Shop Play Video

Car Plows Into Auto Body Shop 53 months ago

Another Toyota owner takes his car into the shop for some maintenance. It w...

Rally Car Slams Into Tree Play Video

Rally Car Slams Into Tree 53 months ago

A rally car takes a corner to fast and spins into the side of a tree. The ...

Driver Slams Into Rockslide Play Video

Driver Slams Into Rockslide 53 months ago

A rock slide filled with large boulders completely covers a road yet this d...

Karma Strikes Crazy Driver Play Video

Karma Strikes Crazy Driver 53 months ago

This dude comes speeding down the highway swerving in and out of traffic an...

Tanker Truck Drifting Play Video

Tanker Truck Drifting 53 months ago

An insane truck driver with a tanker full of gas takes a left turn at full ...

Double Snowmobile Fail Play Video

Double Snowmobile Fail 53 months ago

Not only does this dude wipe out hard on the jump but as he gets up to brus...